So, you’ve just moved in to your new apartment. The boxes are unpacked, the clothes are hung up, the bed is made, and everything is put in its proper place. Finally, you can relax.

But something is still missing. You look around and realize that, as organized as it all may be, this new space isn’t quite yet . . . home.

If you’ve felt this way in the days or even months after moving in, don’t worry. With just a few simple—and cheap!—home decor items, your apartment can go from feeling like a temporary resting place to a true haven. Just a few plants here, some art there, some extra lighting, and a set of curtains, and you’ll feel at home in no time.


Studies have shown that indoor plants have plenty of positive effects on our minds. They improve everything from concentration to stress management and mood. If you haven’t a single green thumb among your family or roommates, start simple with some fake plants.


We’re talking about more than just a poster on the wall. Whether it be mementos of your past, work by favorite artists, or even photos of friends and families, art that you’ve chosen yourself is the strongest way to imprint your personality on a space and make it comfortable. If all you have are posters, dress them up with simple frames; that little change will make it feel more permanent than a college dorm room.

Extra Lighting

Sure, overhead lighting is enough to get the basic job done, but if you really want to control the mood in your apartment, extra lighting is a must. Add a floor lamp in a corner or a small lamp to an end table or bookshelf. If possible, add a mirror directly opposite a window to catch the light and make the room feel bigger.


Chances are that the apartment you moved into came with Venetian or vertical blinds to cover your windows. If you really want to fight that “comes-as-is” feeling, adding curtains is a great way to do just that. The right curtains can add that splash of color you need to brighten a room up.

Making a home of a new apartment isn’t as hard as you may think. Simply add the home decor items we’ve discussed—the plants, art, lighting, and curtains—and your space will feel more like home than ever before.