At AMC, we love nothing more than giving back to the community. That’s why for years, we’ve gathered every summer for a state-wide beach and park cleanup. It’s our chance to unite with neighbors, family, and friends to beautify the state we call home.

We may not be able to join physically this year, but we can join in spirit to serve our community. On July 25, join us for our beach and park cleanup in Santa Ana. Here are the benefits of a beach and park cleanup, what to pack, and what safety guidelines to follow.

A Beach and Park Cleanup Packs Benefits

When you think of beach litter, you probably think of dolphins with their snouts stuck in plastic or seagulls covered in oil. While litter does impact sea life, it also impacts local economies. According to the Marine Debris Program, “Reducing marine debris even by 25 percent at beaches in and near Orange County could benefit residents roughly $32 million during three months in the summer.”

But don’t just clean for seagulls and local business: Clean for yourself. Studies have found that beach activities positively impact mood; beach cleanups in particular lead to “higher marine awareness.” So if quarantine has gotten you feeling down and disconnected, the beach and park cleanup in Santa Ana is the perfect way to lift your spirits.

Prepare for Your Cleanup

Don’t head to the beach or park just yet. First, make sure you have the proper supplies ready. You can expect to be in the sun for a few hours, so a water bottle and sunscreen are both a must. Besides that, pack the following:

  • Gloves
  • Trash bags for normal waste
  • Paper bags for yard waste and recyclables
  • Brooms, dustpans, and buckets for cigarette butts and glass
  • First aid kit

Follow Safety Protocol

While cleaning your beach or park, it’s important we also do our part to fight the spread of COVID-19. You can do this by limiting your group to those you live with. If other people do come, though, follow CDC guidelines by keeping your distance and avoiding close contact. And don’t forget California’s mask mandate: Wear your mask “when maintaining a physical distance of 6 feet from persons who are not members of the same household or residence is not feasible.”

Our beaches and parks add so much to our state’s natural beauty. Let’s ensure they stay that way. Join us for our beach and park cleanup on July 25, or anytime during the month of July. Tag Villa Del Sur in your photos and use the hashtags #AMCcleanup and #livehappy so we can see your hard work. Let’s get out there!