Moving is time consuming and exhausting, to say the least. And now, because of COVID, you have even more to worry about. On top of needing to sell, pack, or donate everything you own, you have to think about your health and the safety of your movers, family, or friends. 

Whether you’re moving to relocate for a job, because your lease is up, or to be closer to your family, you shouldn’t have to put your life on hold. Here are three moving tips to help you prioritize your safety during the pandemic and make the entire process just a little easier on your mental health.

Take Your Time and Pack Thoughtfully

While planning your move, be sure to give yourself ample time to pack and disinfect your belongings without putting too much stress on your body. Start packing as early as possible and wipe down all of your stuff before placing everything inside boxes. Not only will this save you time later when you move into your new home, but it will also help ease your mind come moving day. Because COVID can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours, experts also suggest you should finish packing at least a day before your scheduled move to ensure your movers remain safe and healthy. 

Set Up a Cleanup Station 

Another fantastic way to keep you and your movers safe is to set up a cleanup station near your front door. Include hand sanitizer, soap, sanitizing wipes, extra disposable masks, and rubber gloves, and use them throughout the process to make sure you and your belongings are all squeaky clean. These cleaning supplies will come in handy while you do a final sweep of your old place and first clean your new home when you arrive. You’ll appreciate going the extra mile to prepare in every small way you can.

Schedule Your Move at an Off Time

Coming in contact with others is inevitable during a move, whether it’s your family and friends helping you or a hired moving company. However, scheduling your move for a time when there aren’t many people out can help you minimize contact with others, especially when walking in and out of an apartment complex. According to Shanina C. Knighton, a researcher who studies infection prevention, a weekday morning is the perfect time to schedule a move because people are more likely to be working. If possible, it’s also best to avoid moving during the weekend.

Moving during COVID doesn’t mean you have to put your health at risk. By following CDC guidelines as closely as possible, regularly washing your hands and cleaning your belongings, taking your time to pack, and scheduling your move for a slow time, your chances of getting sick go down significantly. Use these moving tips to make sure you and your movers stay safe throughout the pandemic.